About Relevé


Relevé, formerly known as Lead Like a Lady, was founded to inspire leadership development and mentorship for women who have the desire to better themselves personally and professionally. Our four key founders, Andrea Jansa, Jaimie Miller-Ackley, Megan Ruble and Sunni Swarbrick came together with a passion for growing the collective impact of young women who were quickly becoming leaders in their industry in Greater Des Moines. Today this passion has grown into an organization of more than 40 dues paying, active members who are leaders not only in their professional roles, but also in their community. We lift each other up by celebrating successes, sharing resources and by being a confidential sounding board as we navigate professional hurdles. Relevé is French, a nod to our city of Des Moines’ origins. Additionally, the reference to ballet alludes to the grace with which we all strive to have throughout our personal and professional lives.

Relevé’s mission is to connect women through support and development to become a community of empowered and engaged leaders.

Our vision is to become a group of lifelong, female leaders who will make a lasting impact on our community as we grow throughout our lives.

Our values are:
—Integrity (respect, confidentiality, and trust of all members)
—Personal & Professional Growth
—Membership Engagement

Relevé does limit our event activities to current, dues paying members and our guests. This request ensures that we have diversity in our membership and a sense of intimacy to allow for increased mentorship and development opportunities for our members.

If you are interested in learning more about Relevé or want to be added to our recruitment list, please fill out our membership inquiry form.

The Founders

Andrea Woodard

Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy
Greater Des Moines Parternship

Jaimie Miller

Vice President
Iowa Credit Union League

Megan Ruble

Team Leader, Large Group Sales
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Sunni Swarbrick

Executive Director
Story County Community Foundation


  • Jeanine Buckingham- President
  • Katie Patterson- President-Elect
  • Lauren Patrick- Secretary
  • Jenny Smith- Treasurer
  • Addie Rasmusson- Past President

committee leadership

Communications Committee

  • Chair: Stephanie Oppel

Governance Committee

  • Chair: Annie Brandt

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Alyssa Young

Events & speakers committee

  • Chair: Sara Hopkins