How Membership Works

Lead Like a Lady does limit event activities to current, dues paying members and our guests. This request ensures that we maintain a sense of intimacy to allow for increased mentorship and development opportunities for our members. With a dues paying membership, we ask that our members commit to attending 50% of our events. We also encourage our members to be actively engaged with the group throughout the year.

We accept new members once a year, toward the end of the calendar year. We strive to keep our group small enough to enable the best opportunities for professional development and relationship building while also being representative of the many amazing leading ladies in Des Moines. If you are interested in becoming a member in the future or have questions about our membership process, please contact us.

Membership Process

At this time, we aren’t accepting applications for membership.

Additional Opportunities for Involvement

Some years, the volume of new member interest exceeds the number of openings within our organization. Fortunately, Central Iowa offers professional women many opportunities for growth and support. Click here to learn more about local organizations whose values align with those of Lead Like a Lady and that might be a fit for you.